In Houston, Xtreme Airhockey hosts a regular weekly "Leveled" tournament. Xtreme classifies all players from a level 1 (novice) to a level 7 (master). The goal of this event is to create as close to an even opportunity for all players by having higher skilled players awarding points to lower skilled players. In short, a player of a lower skill level will receive points at the start of each game equal to the difference in the skill levels (except for level 7 to 1 which still only awards 5 points). For instance, if a level 7 plays a level 3, the level 3 will start each game leading 4-0. All games are played to 7 points, so the level 3 player only has to score 3 points to win the game. But the level 7 player is very skilled and capable of overcoming that deficit. So the system provides a fair opportunity to both players.

New players typically start at level 1 unless Xtreme management evaluates the player as skilled enough to start as a level 2. For this tournament, matches will either be the best 2 games of 3, or best 3 games of 5 depending on the number of participants. This event is a double elimination tournament, meaning that a player must lose two matches to be eliminated. No spinoffs will be played except possible 5/6 and 7/8 if trophies or awards are at stake. Cash prizes and award will be given to the top finishers based on participation.

All competitors pay the same price for Early and Regular registration.

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