The Open Singles is our feature event. It is an intense double elimination tournament that requires all day Saturday to complete. All matches in the main tournament are the best 4 games of 7, and there is no leveling - all matches are played straight up. When players are eliminated from the main draw, they qualify for a spin-off tournament with all other players eliminated in the same bracket where they play until they earn their final numerical standing in the overall event. The event plays until 12 players remain who then qualify for the Sunday Texas 12 Challenge Championship. Trophies may be awarded to bracket top finishers pending participation and sponsorship. The top 12 finishers from the Open Singles automatically qualify (at no additional cost) to compete in the Texas 12 Challenge. It is a continuation of the Open Singles with the 12 remaining players who then compete to determine the Texas State Champion. Spinoffs are played for the 9-12, 7/8, and 5/6 brackets. Cash and trophies are awarded to the top finishers based on participation.

There are 3 different price categories for this event all based on the Mitic rating system. To register for Open Singles, determine your Mitic rating level by going to and look for your name in the list on the right (AirhockeyWorld Ratings). Then locate the appropriate range from the drop-down below under "Product Options" and then click the "Add to Cart" button. If you are a new player (never played before), choose the 0-1399 range. If you are an experienced player and do not see your name in the list, contact Brian Accrocco at brianaccrocco@xtremeairhockey or at 281-795-6376 for assistance.


0-1299 Novice/Amateur
1300-1799 Professional
1800-2000+ Master
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