Press Your Luck is a risk/reward challenge game. Depending on the number of players, a grouping of 6-9 players will be created. The players are ordered initially by their classification levels (See Mitic rating explanation in the Open Singles Product). The game lasts for 7 rounds. Each round begins with the person at the bottom of the ordered ladder having a turn on offense. This player will face opponents in order of the ladder. When it is your turn on offense, you always start with the puck. You goal is to score on your opponent and not get scored on. If you successfully score, you have the option to take your points and stop or "press Your Luck" with the next opponent. After each competitor completes his/her turn, the next person in the ladder is up on offense and the defenders again line up in order of the ladder except for the player who is on offense.

The game is interesting however because the next opponent in the ladder is of higher skill level (at least initially). And to compensate for this, points are not evenly allocated. Instead the nth term series formula is used. This means that the first player is worth 1 point. The second player is worth 1+2 or 3 points. The third player is worth 1+2+3 or 6 points and so fourth. So scoring on each successive player gets you more points. But there is a catch. If you get scored on at any point, you lose everything you gained plus 1 from your total entering the round. This is why the game is called "Pressing your luck". If you have earned 6 points, do you stop and keep your points, or do you go against that next player and try to go for 10? It's risk/reward.

After each round completes, players are reordered based on total. If 2 players have the same total number of points, their order does not change. But players lower in the ladder will shift up above those with fewer points. Then the next round begins. So there are many strategy variations, but typically it's better to be higher in the ladder, as you know how much you need to maintain a lead. The game ends after the 7th round or when a person has mathematically locked up the most points which can occur in earlier round if his/her number of points exceeds the total of the next player in the ladder plus the maximum that can be gained in the subsequent rounds. If the game is being player to seed a final event with more than 1 player advancing, then the game will complete when all 7 rounds have completed.

Depending on the number of groups, the top 1-3 players from each group could be selected for a final Press Your Luck Champion sequence which would be another 7 round match to determine the champions. Players will be seeded in the Championship match base don points earned in the qualifier match.

All competitors pay the same price for Early and Regular registration.

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