Airhockey is a single player game and yet we have a doubles event! In the sport of Airhockey, doubles is more of a "tag team" approach. A player remains active on the table until scored on by his opposition. Then his/her partner takes over and remains until scored on, and the cycle repeats. All matches are the best 3 games of 5 or 4 games of 7 depending on number of teams, and all games are player to 7 points. The tournament is, like singles and the Leveled event, double elimination. Spinoff tournaments are typically not done for doubles, but, if players express an interest before the event begins, spinoffs can be included. Cash prizes and trophies are awarded to top finishing teams. Player select their own partners. However, if a player registers but does not have a partner, Xtreme Airhockey will pair unmatched players. Players are encouraged to register early and wear matching jerseys or team uniforms in the spirit of competition and fun.
The event has 2 pricing points. It utilizes the same Mitic rating model as singles, but their are only 2 levels - Master and not masters. Since pairs of master almost always win the top prizes, they pay more to enter. All other players may play for a lower rate.

The event has 2 pricing categories. It utilizes the same Mitic rating model as singles, but their are only 2 categories - Master (level 7) and Pro rate (levels 1-6). If you have a Mitic rating of 1800 or higher, choose the Master level from the drop down. Otherwise choose Pro Rate.

Mitic Rating Early Price Regular Price
0-1799 $5 $10
1800+ $20 $30
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